What do art and geoinformatics have in common? “Nothing”, you might say. But here we beg to differ.

As geographers and geoinformation scientists working with satellite pictures and other geospatial data, we are always speechless when we encounter the beauty of the earth. Why should we not be able to print out and enjoy this extraordinary beauty that lies just at our feet? Luckily, that’s exactly what we can do for you.

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Countless satellites observe and photograph the earth from every imaginable position. The analysis of this remote sensing data leads to the emergence of fantastic colors that have a particular meaning for specialists, but are also a pure joy to behold. You can simple come to see us and say: “I am interested in this part of the earth. Create a cool piece of art for me, please.” Would you like to have a picture of an erupting volcano, of the river Nile in its entire length, or of an entire continent? No problem – just ask us and we take care of ist for you: a unique piece of art, exclusively for you! Printed on high-quality material and also available in extra large sizes of up to 5 meters!

We are looking forward to your request. Do not hesitate and contact us today.

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Many of our pictures show composites of different color channels, based on the Sentinel-2 data from the Copernicus programme. Sentinel-2 data are multispectral satellite images that are freely available. After having been downloaded, the scenes are subjected to atmospheric corrections using free software. With the help of three different spectral bands, a color composite is generated.